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Porsche 924 Turbo 1979-80

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Part Number: 924-03
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Transmission Porsche 924 Turbo 1979-80. USED ONLY as we do not offer rebuilts on these transmissions.
Tech Tip
Tech Tip:
This is a two year only transmission that was based on the insides of the 911 type 915 transmission. It will not interchange with any other 924 transmission as the torque tube as well as the torsion bar tube assy are unique to the 1979-80 924 Turbo cars. It has a large mainshaft coming out of the transmission as well as the torque tube. These cars had a very awkward shift pattern and there are very few of these with good first gear engagement teeth and syncros. These parts are no longer available from Porsche and we have developed a repair to other type parts but it is a little expensive. Please inquire